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Hi, I’m Kathrin!

 My name is Kathrin Kroenig, I am an organisational psychologist gone startup founder and you might say, I am here for the (r)evolution.
I am constantly driven by the question how we can use the current changes to build human-centered organisations fit for the future. Digitalisation gives us the chance for workplace (r)evolution if we just make the effort to question the old paradigms.

The topics empowerment, organisational transformation and leadership are the common thread all through my work: With Intao, our startup, we are building a platform that enables sustainable transformation in companies, as a coach I support CEOs and founders on building empowered organisations, as a speaker, I inspire others to go on the journey to a better workplace.

Feel free to have a look through my projects, read my articles or – even better get in touch!  The easiest way to do this is via Linkedin.

I am looking forward to connecting!
Best, Kathrin

My Projects

Project Dragonfly – on where we are going

Human beings are beautiful, energetic creatures who can do absolutely anything they want to. Except when they aren’t. It’s not easy to show up as someone who dares to make a difference these days. A lot is asked of us. Project Dragonfly are my thoughts on how we as humans can – much like the dragonfly – make the decision to climb out of the muddy water and fly.
The thoughts are shaping up to be a book. Stay tuned…

Coaching & Speaking

I have been a systemic coach for almost 20 years. I am pretty high energy so my clients are usually just that as well: Founders and CEOs who are ambitious about their own leadership and about the projects and companies they are building.
I also love speaking and have done so in front of up to 500 people about a wide range of topics in the context of leadership and organisation. My favorite: Empowerment!
If you are interested in working with me, contact me directly!

Intao – building an empowerment-platform

Intao is based on the idea that today, it’s more about dialogue, reflexion and inner strength, than about pure learning. So we are building a platform that allows professionals to go on continuous, engaging journeys of discovery and learning. Our signature product is the Leadership Journey – a subscription for leaders and talents to develop themselves into happy human beings who are having the biggest possible impact.
Find out more here!

The Women Leadership Journey – empowering female leaders

We launched the Women Leadership Journey in September 2022 with the first cohort of 18 incredible women who are going on their impact journey. It has been on my bucket list for many years to create a format that would support female leaders in particular to show up as the powerful women they are. Cohort 2 starts end of January 2023. More info here.